April 13, 2010

Exterior House Designs in USA

modern exterior home design architecture on Exterior and Interior Design Architecture

 Debbas Architecture Design House Gravatt 48 – USA

 Exterior House Designs in USA

The main idea behind the concept was to puncture and carve simple volumes with glass, views and materials and sculpt light and space into a soul enriching experience, one that, like a sundial, constantly redefines the character of the house, day to day and hour by hour. Located in the Berkeley/Oakland hills the house overlooks [...]

Internal Spaces and Exterior Architecture New House in Victoria

 Exterior House Designs in USA
This project is a home in Hawthorn designed to accommodate at the various stages of its life, a family, a single person, and a single person with large visiting family. The place is Hawthorn a middle-class suburb, leafy and picturesque. Our first site visit gave us a strong sense of what this building might become [...]

Exterior House Designs in USA
Multiple rooms, both interior and exterior, have been added to a non-descript, one-story home transforming it into a receiver of Miami’s tropical climate. While the effect is striking, minimal alterations were made to the existing structure. The fused entity is devoid of recognizable typological references and yet harmoniously blends with its neighbors. Aromatic gardens surround [...]

Interior Design Inspiration Home Yarra

Exterior House Designs in USA
The House Yarra in Melbourne, Australia provides a source of inspiration beautiful interiors. Often used interchangeably (and erroneously) with the interior design, interior design draws on several disciplines, in addition to the interior such as environmental psychology, architecture and product design.
Designed by architects Leeton Pointon, Susi Leeton Architects and Interiors Allison Pye, the House Yarra [...]

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