May 28, 2010

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom Furniture

3 New Contemporary Beds by Designer Karim Rashid

I always look forward to design news on contemporary beds. Of course Karim Rashid is a household name in the design world so these models should not come as a shock to any design fans. Bright colors are a theme in these contemporary beds along with technology such as iPod docking stations. The product names are Shell, Combi, and Glow. The designs were made for Hollandia International and their website can be found here. My favorite Karim Rashid design still is "Sofa One" that an be found here: Karim Rashid White Sofa.

Pink Beds

Urano : The Floating Bed by Falegnameria 1946

Bed designs come and go but often take shape from the styles of the past with very little change or unique qualities. The Urano bed from Falegnameria 1946 definitely does not following previous style trends and features a sleek minimalist design suspended like a floating sleeping oasis constructed from thick elements on a burnished steel frame. Designer Leonardo Dainelli's Urano bed ads class to the already stunning collection of purely Italian furniture that Falegnameria 1946 creates with serious style and quality. See the rest of the "elegant shapes with a new but classical design" here. Via

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Juno : Solid Wood Modern Bed in Cherry or Beech

It's interesting to make a story out of the fact that a bed is made of cherry or beech wood. Nowadays, that is the exception rather than the norm due to veneer and other composites. Juno, however, provides a modern bed design in solid wood much like how furniture was crafted 100 years ago. The frame has taken on a modern look with more sleek styling as opposed to a bulky look common in its more traditional brethren. Juno can come with our without a headboard if you prefer a pure platform look. There is also a headboard available that is padded. More information: here.
Solid Wood Modern Bed

Samsara : Low Profile Bed by Designer Cuno Frommherz

A low profile bed such as Samsara pictured here creates a room design with livable furniture and yet maintains a certain amount of openness breathing fresh air into a design. Samsara was created by designer Cuno Frommherz for Cassina. Cuno lives in Switzerland and began as a self taught carpenter. In 1992 he set out as his own designer and furniture maker. This low profile bed was showcased at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2005. Samsara features a removable fabric cover atop a wooden frame set on a chrome metal base. More information: here.
Low Profile Beds

bedroom decorating ideas

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