June 4, 2010

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Choosing the Best Interior Designer to Help You Redecorate Your Home

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Choosing the Right Interior Designer is Key

Interior design can often be a very misunderstood profession. Some have a romantic notion of a decorator choosing colors, working with a wide variety of beautiful, lush fabrics, and doing nothing but being creative all day, every day. But it’s much more than this; it’s about organizing details and making sure things are perfect as well as making the sale of the design itself. It’s about negotiations with installers, paying the furniture stores and delivery fees, invoicing customers and keeping accurate billing records, making sure you’ve met codes for local municipalities, making sure the painters or wallpaper hangers are in the correct room of the house, and on and on. Details.
When you are deciding upon a decorator for your home consider the following:
  • The designer’s style – Ideally, of course, you want to find one whose style is similar to your own. Asking to review the designer’s portfolio will help you determine what his or her style is. Most are able to create many beautiful rooms in a wide variety of styles, but often have a “signature” type of look or feel to their designs, so looking at past jobs they’ve worked on will help you determine if he or she will be able to fulfill your desires.
  • Know what you want – Find some photos of interior decorating that you find attractive and appropriate to your style. Decide upon colors, materials and patterns you prefer, as well as what you absolutely do NOT want to be a part of the design (for example, I personally shy away from huge florals and animal prints).
  • The designer’s listening ability – Pay attention to how well your prospective designer listens to you describe how you envision the room you’re redecorating. A good professional will offer suggestions to incorporate into what you have in mind.
  • The designer’s willingness to work around your lifestyle – Knowing a designer won’t be filling your living room with breakables and delicate fabrics if you have children is imperative. The best designers will incorporate your lifestyle into the designs and come up with the best d├ęcor to suit it.
  • Budget – Keep in mind that interior designers have fees, but you will also incur the charges for any and all furniture, decorations, wall treatments, floor coverings, and remodeling that he or she includes within the design.
Whether you hire a designer or do it yourself by perusing myriad home-decorating magazines and books will depend on your budget, time, and ability in creating that perfect environment you’re looking for – it’s really up to you!

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