October 15, 2010

Modern Design Interior House

 Modern Loft House Large Interior Design Ideas

What factors that living spaces look more comfortable? Larger space of course. Like this loft house interior design. The spatial concept of expanding and contracting the volume of the loft allowed for big open spaces such as the living and dining areas. But, as consequent, comfy bedrooms and playrooms are smaller. There is no matter with that because owner wants the house like an art gallery. Who care about bedroom anyway, because we spend a lot of time in the living and dining areas.
In order to enhance the continuity of the space, we set up a line of sight with views of daylight at both ends. Big windows in the living and dining room frame lovely views of the church across the street. Translucent sliding glass doors in front of the middle bedroom/office obscures work-related clutter. The result is very nice, and lovely. A big area for dining and living room can be transform into functional room easily.

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