November 12, 2010

Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Executive Summary about christmas decoration ideas by Karen M Ciancio and Helen C. March

Christmas decorating is a must, to some degree at least, for most of us who celebrate the holiday season. Others prefer a more limited display of Christmas holiday decor, but rich colors and a bit of shimmer usually still prevail.

If more formal or traditional holiday decorations are not your style, go with what you love. Christmas is a time of celebration with family and friends, so if snow globes, a riot of color and a mass of glitter are your cup of tea, go for it.

Christmas decorating usually involves adding color to your home. Personally, I am a fan of colorful Christmas decorations and love the multicolored lights and the beauty of the greenery mixed with bright shades of red and gold. I love the fact that 200 houses can be decorated for Christmas, and no two will look the same.

Here are some holiday decorating ideas and tips to get you started:

First of all, think about what you most love about Christmas holiday decor. Do you love the monotone themed look, where all of the decorations in the home follow a color scheme, or do you prefer the riotous mix of wonderful colors that comes from decorating using a variety of Christmas colors?

If you prefer the more toned down look, choose your color scheme first, then shop for just those colors. Red or blue, mixed with gold or silver as accents, all gold or all silver are popular choices. Pink is a lovely color to choose if you want a soft allover look in your holiday decor and looks great with silver. Some ideas for traditional Christmas decorating themes and decorations can include cherubs, angels, Santa Clauses, snowmen, birds, candles, wreathes, grape clusters, snow globes, and ribbons. Childrens favorites include cartoon characters, gingerbread men, gingerbread houses and stockings hung on the fireplace mantle waiting to be stuffed with goodies.
 christmas decorations
 Christmas decoration ideas
If the gingerbread people are “dressed” in green and red, pick up those colors for the rest of your decorations, throw in a bit of gold for shimmer, and your house will look beautifully pulled together for the holiday season.

The greatest thing about decorating your home for Christmas is that nothing is set in stone.

Holiday Crafts – Thanksgiving and Christmas Decoration Ideas
Executive Summary about christmas decoration ideas by Brigitte Smith

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday! Turkeys are a natural choice for decorations. While many of the turkeys that are raised for food are now the domestic white variety, the turkeys eaten by the Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving were the wild brown ones. The tail feathers on a wild turkey are brown, but they are iridescent. catching light and appearing to be multi-colored. This is why children color the tail feathers in bright colors.

The turkey’s head has a wattle under the beak. Be sure to draw this in order to make the hand turkey look like a turkey. When done, the children can cut out the turkeys and hang them on the wall. The little hand shapes are particularly sweet.

Make a brown construction paper body and head of a turkey. Now make a large number of colored feather shapes. Each family member writes on a feather something he or she is thankful for before attaching as part of the turkey’s tail. Children love making construction paper chains. To further decorate the house for Thanksgiving, let them make a paper chain in fall colors as one of their holiday crafts. Using 9 by 12 inch construction paper, cut the paper in half across the long side and cut the halves into one inch thick six inch long strips. Continue the process alternating colors of brown, red, yellow, and orange. If you don’t make the door turkey, the children can write something they’re thankful for on each strip of paper before adding it to the chain.

Thanksgiving is too nice a holiday to let the other more commercial holidays crowd it out. By making holiday crafts to decorate the home for Thanksgiving, you can keep this day  too.

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