November 15, 2010

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Christmas Decorations – Outdoor Decor and Lights

Prepare yourself for the Season of Lights! Usually right after Thanksgiving is when the Christmas lights start to go up on homes and people start competing with their neighbors for the best Christmas display on the block!

Well hopefully this year you win, and your neighbors stand awestruck with tongues gaping in sheer amazement at your Christmas Home Presentation!! The waves of jealousy will envelope you like a warm blanket on a frosty winter’s day. Ha!

So let’s start with lighting. I prefer plain white with splashes of color. I think it looks classic and elegant. It’s easy enough now a days to find the strings of plain white lights that you can trim your home with, instead let’s focus on the splashes of color.



I have a pension for BLUE Christmas lights. They would be my first alternative to white and a nice accent to your white lighting motif. Unlike my childhood they now come in an assortment of bulb sizes and colors. I like the round, larger ones. They have a modern yet retro vibe that I really dig.

This 25 count bulb string is available at for only $ 6.99!

They also come in green and purple for the same price. I think that would be a very original color display. Mainly white sprinkled with green, blue and purple in certain sections. Something to think about…


I am also a big fan of Garland! The deep green Pre-lit Alpine Outdoor Garland is a gorgeous way to highlight the entrance to your home. This festive Christmas garland is pre-wrapped with 2″ teardrop lights that you can instantly transform into sleek, clear mini-lights by removing the covers. Looks really lovely and feel free to drape it over you staircase or hung over your fireplace is always stunning

It costs $79.00

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