November 29, 2010

Top Kitchen Design

modern kitchen design
 Modern kitchen design

Modern kitchen design ideas can help you reinvent your kitchen in a new way. It can transform your old kitchen in to a brand new entity. There are a lot of modern kitchen design ideas that you can employ at your home.
Accentuating your modern kitchen with modern kitchen accessories is chance to really let your creativity shine though. Counter top appliances today are available in an increasing number of bright colors and sleek shapes making it easier for those modern-minded individuals to create their total dream kitchen.
Beautiful stainless steel Kohler faucets, a stunning VIPP trash can and an array of modern cookware and serving pieces all help to create a truly modern kitchen. As mentioned before, one of the benefits of renovating your home is that you can spread out the different elements over a period of time so don’t feel the need to buy everything at once.
Focus on the essentials first – appliances, furniture, and lighting. You can go back and fill in the holes later. And once you’re done with the kitchen, you can move onto to your next room! The more TLC you put into your home, the more you’ll love it. Additionally, should you decide to sell your home in a few years time, you’ll be able to fetch a considerably higher asking price with all of these changes and additions.

contemporary kitchen design
 Contemporary Kitchen Design

For contemporary looks, white is often the best. If you want light and bright, white is good also. It’s clean-looking. Then you have the option to punch it up with accessories in hot colours like cobalt blue, or paprika or whatever. And you can change the look quickly and easily with just the accessories, incl. drawer handles etc.
so i live in a good size apartment but everything is dated. the manager doesnt have the money to replace it so i was thinking of painting the wood kitchen cabinets instead. i chose orange for the cabinets and grey for the wall (i heard that combination is really nice and goes with the contemporary style) and painting high gloss on the cabinets. our countertop is light wood.
would it look good? oh i dont have wooden floors or stainless steel appliance but the living room has a contemporary style (open floor plan)
those colors sound great. you go w/ high gloss because that is a more modern feel but also because high gloss is easier to clean in a high traffic area like a kitchen. grease spatters are more easily wiped up.
BTW: while stainless steel is totally modern and cool, the new trend that’s making stainless steel look dated if for black appliances. Just last week I saw a black stainless steel refrigerator honing in on the black appliance trend.
if you can’t do anything w/ the floor but you want the feel of wood, look for a bamboo area rug/mat to put in your kitchen. they are available in a variety of colors. and you should be able to find something for under $50.
traditional kitchen design
 Traditional Kitchen Design

A traditional kitchen design can be defined as timeless and versatile. For ages, wood has been the staple of cabinetry. Hard surfaces were the norm for countertops. Hardwood stains were the way to preserve the look of the magnificent wood art.So why are traditional kitchens so popular. Well it’s simple, this timeless style appeals to everyone. There isn’t a soul out there that can not appreciate a traditional kitchen plan. Designers and home builders cater to the masses. So this is the first option that the two use when creating a layout for a new kitchen or remodeling project.

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