December 8, 2010

3d home design software by Punch

Punch's Home Design Software Platinum Version 8 lets you design and view your home with incredible 3D home design realism.
How is this for home design software? Punch has developed PhotoView technology which lets you import your own real world photos into your home and landscape designs to create a stunning, truly realistic image of your home. All you have to do is import a photo of your own home, add your own landscaping design or deck design, and then view your newly created work from any angle with realistic, 3D perspective!
home design software image
The home design software has a LiveView window which continually updates your home designs, in real-time 3D, as you draw it.
Interior and exterior 2D elevations are available with a single mouse click and the exclusive ClearView tool renders your design with transparent walls so you can actually see through the walls to maximize your design space.
It has a powerful 3D graphics engine that lets you create real-time walk throughs or fly throughs. Just like a Hollywood style movie voyage through your new design!
It also incorporates garden and landscape design software to allow you to create multi level or multi story decks with 3D photo-realistic textures, stairs, railings, object placement and colour capabilities.
The helpful deck design wizards walk you through railings, baluster options and more. You choose a basic shape or create one from scratch and watch the program draft a beautiful 3D rendering of your new deck design.
Your deck and landscaping designs will come to life in photo realistic 3D, (complete with shadows too), giving you a stunning, true-to-life representation of your home design.
Click here for more information about Punch's home design software.

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