January 13, 2011

Contemporary House Designs Plans / Australia Gold Coast

Contemporary Houses Plans in Australia

Through this contemporary houses plan in Australia, we will see the combining art and living space for our sustainability. Seeing from the whole landscape from in front of this house, we can found the basic concept from this house. The double half round presented that this house was also a place to showed the art. Suitable with the green yard in front of the house, this was a perfect art contemporary design for a white bright house. This house design by gold coast also showed when we’re entered this home. Start from the sexy purple carpet here, we can feel this place as a place for entertain and converse. Completed with round glass table and open landscape, this living room also supported by a round sofa with bold flower tile for the cushions. Go on to the next place, we’ll found unsuspicious dining room include kitchen. The art work can be seen in the red set of chairs and the round glass table poles. It was a great combination for both useful and beautiful. The cream color of the kitchen was suitable with the blue ceiling for air circulation. Next to the bed room, we will welcome with the king size bed completed with black rose wallpaper. Still in this space, we’ll found a set of desk for work with a futuristic arm chairs (white and black). Brave painting will surprise us here. This wonderful house interior design can be seen in a way for enjoys the art work. In an open space surround the stairs and in the deep living room, we can found another art work here. Overall, it’s not an complete review if we’re not see this modern contemporary house design photos. [Susan Crook]

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