April 9, 2011

Murray Feiss Lighting

Murray Feiss Lighting
Murray Feiss is a manufacturer of lighting systems and has been in the industry for more than 50 years. They are based in Canada and offer light fixtures across the entire range of categories there are, and across all price points. Because of their long experience in this industry, all products that bear their mark carry the assurance that comes with the brand Murray Feiss.

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Murray Feiss lighting is the flagship brand of the company; they have two other brands, Martha Stewart lighting and Bob Mackie Lighting. These brands are more premium brands and belong in the upper end of the price spectrum. Each product carries the stamp of their designer brand and are meant to project that quality in all their products; sort of like how Toyota has the Lexus, and Honda the Acura. These two brands cater to the market where people are willing to pay a large sum of money for something that is exclusive and not for everybody.
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Just as how an ordinary Toyota is in no way less reliable than a Lexus, a Murray Feiss is in no way lesser than a Martha Stewart or a Bob Mackie. The level of quality remains the same, they are after all manufactured by the same company in the same factories; only the exclusivity differs, but that is really not a problem for the vast majority of the buying public. It is really not that big a let down if you go to your friend’s house and see light fixtures very similar to your own, although the chances of this happening are very slight given the range of lighting systems on offer.
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Starting from simple wall fixtures there are a number of products that you can choose from depending on your choice. There are wall fixtures, flush and semi flush ceiling lights, wall sconces, lanterns, chandeliers and every other kind of light fixtures that you can think of. The best part of Murray Feiss lighting is that there is no single kind or design of lamp that you can say is any lesser than the other. Even the cheapest ones on offer are made with the same level of attention to detail as are the most expensive, the difference in cost going for the more elaborate designs and their manufacture.

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Although Murray Feiss has both contemporary as well as traditional designs, they specialize in intricately designed fittings, so if you are looking for cheap flush fitting ceiling lights for your basement, this is not where you should be looking. Getting a cheap one off the shelf in your local store is sufficient. Murray Feiss is more for those home owners who want finely finished work, something that they will be happy with for years together without the need to replace them because they have given out due to faulty manufacture. 

If you are interested in giving your house or just one room a make over, look up Murray Feiss Lighting on the net. It is easy to find them because they advertise that they deliver within three days of placing an order online or you get $100. They also ship anywhere in Canada for free. Their catalog is vast, and you will probably find many fixtures that you like, so picking one would be harder than finding one. Most local stores do not stock the entire range of products, and rely more on people picking one from what is on display. Searching online gives you the option of browsing and even comparing prices to find out which place is cheaper. In fact if you compare prices with other lighting manufacturers you will find that price wise there will be very little to choose between them.
If you are looking for good quality lighting systems, Murray Feiss Lighting is where you should start your search and it will probably be where your search will stop too. Just check it out and see.

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