February 17, 2010

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Dream home decor - an oft used term, but sadly, only a few fortunate�s can actually claim to own great home interiors. In the present times, a few simple steps can actually materialize your dreams of realizing, living and indulging your heart out into dream home interiors. Home Decor, home decoration is one of predominant factors in giving a meaning, personality, style and pump in life into your house and convert it into a home. No wonders therefore, choosing and deciding on the apposite and fitting interior designs is the key to give your home interiors a stamp of your own personality and furnish it with just the right attitude, class, and style. However, one tends to get really confused and puzzled among the huge gamut of color patterns, color schemes, accessories, furniture etc that are available in the home decor market. Billing you out of this bizarre bemusement are the interior designers. Home Decoration, if done badly, gnaws on the complete look, feel, and environment within the house. An off beam assembly of colors, furniture and accessories would not only result in a major faux pas but would also dent the entity of your home decor. Interior designers are also safe bets when you are going for unique and personalized themes like a thoroughly romantic bedroom, a dark chocolate color bathroom, a modular kitchen etc. In case you want to renovate your old home interiors as per the latest trends and taste you can always go for hiring a Interior designer. Each item should contribute to function, form and maintain consistency in standard of quality, style and combine to create the desired home decor / Home interiors. A designer develops home interior design for a customer that has a style and theme that the prospective owner likes and mentally connects to. Getting your home decoration is a mammoth task but great home decor signifies your class and living standard.

Interior Designing Products

Modern Bathroom
Kitchen - Standard Cabinet
Office Work Stations
Classical Bed
Product Description
The muted colors of forest greens and antique wood have been combined in the restful settings of this bed room where design, stability and comfort have been married together in a furniture product which uses the technique of pietra-dura, gold leaf embellishment and wood turning to an optimum aesthetic level. The solidly built bed set has been designed in the studio of Manjeet Bullar to last a life time and eventually be passed on to the next generation as a family heirloom. Size:- 6’x6’.3”x1’x6”(front)x4’.6”(back).

Royal Sofa
Product Description
The grandeur of pietra-dura has been the guiding spirit behind this elegant rendering in the form of the Greco- Roman arch details in the arms with the flourish of the flowers of the paradise. The boldly colored Banaras silk cushions enliven the composition and the ‘Ambi’ imparts an everlasting beauties. The muted colors of antique leather and the gilding work on the delicately carved details create a product which is timeless and holds its value for ages to come. Size:-7’x2’.9”x3’.

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