February 25, 2010

Of Capsules and Spaceboxes

The Spacebox is a self contained studio. A capsule that can be plugged into a steel frame and connected to electricity, data and sewerage brought to you

Each studio, I am told, comprises of a small kitchen, bathroom, living space. Cool, lets check it out:

What? That’s the interior? Of a capsule? Dude, let me show you how real capsule interiors look:

For real. They come with integrated hi-fidelity tape decks and calculators I will have you know. They have top shelves stocked with Johnny Walker and other top shelf gear and they have portholes. AND THEY DO NOT STAND FOR WROUGHT IRON CANDLESTICKS. I mean, really. I know you’re Dutch and all like ‘hey let’s stick in a cheap chandelier’ but just cut it out. okay?
And everyone knows that all good capsule towers are not stacked evenly in a row, but randomly, like half complete games of Jenga:

And they want to want to tear it down?

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