July 28, 2010

Architectural Home Design

Home Design Architectural Series Review

home design architectural
***Our previous "TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award" winner is Home Design Architectural Series 18 from Punch! Software. This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer, but we still have discounted copies for sale at Herman Street.***
This software is packed with "WOW" factors. From its "lifelike" 3-D room generations, to customizable features that enable you to import your own fabrics, paint colors and pictures - this application really does do it all. Considering the thousands of dollars that can be spent combing home details with an architect or designer - this is definitely an investment that will save you money. By far the features and functionality outweigh any software product we have reviewed. The software is easy to use, but may require some time to become familiar with all its features.
We also took a look at two other Punch! products Home Design Architectural Series 4000 and Home Design Architectural Series 3000. These products are a bit more expensive and probably more than most users would need, but we've included them for your convenience. Aside from the price, both products would've received a Gold Star Plus Award (if we had one). Compare all three Punch! Products side-by-side.
With an extensive feature set, well-explained format and smart pricing, Home Design Architectural Series 18 by Punch! Software is a good deal for the average person looking for above-average home design software.

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